Unconcious Bias Toolkit

What is the Unconcious Bias Toolkit?

London is a global city with a diverse population. We believe that our digital industries should reflect this.



  • Only 8.5% of senior leaders in technology are from a minority background (Inclusive Boards, Inclusive Tech, 2018)
  • Almost two-thirds (65%) of boards in the top tech firms have no female directors. (Inclusive Boards, Inclusive Tech, 2018)
  • 78% of students cannot name a famous female working in technology (PWC, Women in Tech, 2017)
  • Only 16% of females have had a career in technology suggested to them, compared with 33% of males (PWC, Women in Tech, 2017)

One of the causes of this representation gap is unconscious bias.

The TechPathways London unconscious bias toolkit provides educators with a framework to identify, challenge and mitigate bias within their settings.

For access to the full toolkit, and to make the most of its resources and ideas, take our course: Using the Unconscious Bias Toolkit.

Sample Content

Below is a sample of the unconscious bias toolkit. For access to the full resources, go to Using the Unconscious Bias Toolkit.

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