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    SZH-150 Automatic horizontal cartoning machine

    Machine brief description
    The machine adopts horizontal machine, continuous transmission, stable running, high speed, the product is suitable for use in medicine plate, bottles, hose, soap, poker and other drugs, food, cosmetics, daily chemical industry such as packaging, its performance characteristics are as follows:
    1. Can automatically complete the folding of the manual, the molding, opening of the carton, the plate packaging, batch number printing, sealing and other work. And can be equipped with the hot melt adhesive system to complete the hot melt adhesive sealing.
    2. The machine is controlled by PLC. Photoelectric monitoring of the movement of various parts, abnormal operation, can automatically stop the display of reasons, so as to timely troubleshoot.
    3, rack inside the main drive motor, torque overload protector, and with all parts of the transmission system can be in the case of overload, realize the main drive motor and the transmission part of the release, to ensure the safety of the whole machine.
    4. The machine is equipped with intelligent detection device. No material will be automatically out of the specification, no paper box, easy to work with the front equipment. In the process of testing, the waste product (no medicine version, instruction manual) is found to be eliminated at the exit, so as to ensure the product quality meets the qualified requirements completely. ..
    5. The machine can be used independently or in conjunction with bubble wrap packaging machine and other equipment to form a complete production line.
    6, the machine can be used according to user’s different requirement, can change the packing specification, adjustment and debugging is simple, suitable for mass production of a single variety, namely again at the same time can satisfy users to small batch production of many varieties.
    Machine Technical Parameters
    Item Parameters
    Power 3 phase 380V 50/60HZ 1.5kw
    Dimension(L×H×W) 3300x1120x1800 mm
    Weight 1500 kg
    Production Speed 50 cartons/per minute
    Air Consumption 15m^3/h(0.5-0.7Mpa)
    Carton size Max:180×90×60 mm
    Min 55×20×15 mm
    Leaflet size 210×180 mm
    100×100 mm
    Working Temperature 20±10℃
    Compressed Air Pressure ≥0.6MPa, Air flow≥20m^3/h discount Cartoning Machine