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    Made of more than 90% of recyclable plastics, no toxic chemicals are released or exuded during production and use, safe and non-harmful, which eliminates your worries. Usually, most wood or wood-plastic fence handrails will be burned or sent to landfills after being disposed, which causes a great burden and damage to the ecological environment. However, with Extreplas庐 recyclable-plastics fence railing, you can granulate it for recycling if you stop using it, which makes a contribution to protecting the natural environment from reducing waste.
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    Free Maintenance
    Recycled plastic lumber is an excellent option for the surface of dock and decks, railings, cribbing and blocking. When properly supported, it can also be used as substructure in some applications such as a deck over a concrete slab. And our Structural Reinforce Type can be used for load-bearing components such as joists, beams, or studs.
    1. How many ways can I choose for surface treatment?
    Five kinds of surface: Normal surface, polishing surface, embossed surface, groove surface, polishing + embossed surface
    2.What colors are available?
    Our colors include various colors for option, from dark to light. You can also provide color samples and swatches to order custom colors, contact us for availability and pricing.Fence Railings