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    Grit removal unit have two main different types: Grit Water Separator, cyclone desander;
    Cyclone desander adopt principle of centrifugal separation to remove sand, when water flows from the sand removal inlet under a certain pressure, it’ll produce a strong rotary motion, because sand and water density is different, so under the centrifugal force, centripetal force, buoyancy and fluid drag, the lower density water rise and discharged from the water outlet, while the large density sand is discharged from the sewage outlet at the bottom of the equipment, thus we get the purpose of remove sand.
    cyclone desander have features of high sand removal rate, save installation space, to the individual tiny solids, it’s low leakage rate and stable working condition. Under a certain condition, the greater the desander inlet pressure, the higher the sand removal rate, and multiple units can be used in parallel.
    Grit Water Separator is the supporting equipment of the sand-water removal system of sedimentation tank. Its function is to separate the sand-water mixture which is discharged from the sedimentation tank, it’s widely used in Municipal wastewater treatment and industrial wastewater treatment.
    Its advantage is: have light weight, compact structure, reliable operation and convenient installation; its structure is: shaftless screw, lining, U – groove, water tank, guide plate, water weir and drive device etc.Pre-treatment System