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    [Appearance] White or Almost white crystalline powder

    [Molecular Formula] C2H5NO2
    [Molecular Weight] 75.07
    [Melting Point] 248鈩?Decomposition)
    [Solubility] Approx.25g/100ml water at 25鈩?/p>
    [Quality Standard] Fertilizer glycine
    [Glycine Benefits ]
    1) Glycine in amino acids can increase chlorophyll content of plants, promote the absorption and utilization of carbon dioxide by crops, increase power for photosynthesis, and make photosynthesis more vigorous.
    2) Glycine and other amino acids mixed nutrition effect is good, fertilizer effect is fast.
    3) Glycine fertilizer can improve the quality of crops, clean and pollution-free, and improve the ecological environment.
    4) Glycine fertilizer has strong metabolic function and high resistance to stress.
    5) Glycine fertilizer makes the root system of crops develop, absorbs strongly, grows quickly to the vegetative body of the aboveground part, and increases the crop yield.Industry Glycine factory