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    ZD-56 rubber tracked chassis
    Theoretical forward speed锛坘m/h锛?/p>0.9锛?.0锛?.7锛?.2锛?.3锛?3
    Reverse speed锛坘m/h锛?/p>0.9锛?.1
    The rated load锛圱锛?/p>5.0
    The rated climbing degree锛埪帮級Uphill35锛孌ownhill35
    Minimum ground clearance锛坢m锛?/p>>200
    Shaft center distance锛坢m锛?/p>198 0
    Drive wheel base锛坢m锛?/p>1100
    Grounding length锛坢m锛?/p>1300
    Ground pressure锛坘Pa锛?/p>2500 x 1600 x 600
    1. It is widely used in engineering geological investigation, geological core drilling, physical investigation, small grouting hole, blasting hole, well hole and air conditioning hole of highway, railway, hydro-power, bridge, dam foundation etc.
    2. The rig is one of the ideal equipment to meet the needs of the new market. Can be in the beach, riverbank, sand, paddy fields and other harsh environment to carry out static exploration operations, icy roads can still walk.
    3. Drilling rig, water pump, tower, easy and fast to move, you can get on and off the car by yourself. When moving, the drill pipe, drill tools and other things can be put on the crawler chassis for one time away.
    4. The crawler chassis carries a load of up to 8T and can carry a variety of deep-hole drilling rigs, such as xy-2b, xy-3b, xy-4, xy-42a, xy-44a, xy-4-3, xy-45, gxy-2c, gxy-2, gxy-2b, and other 300-1500m rigs.
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