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    Jinan Weiguang Energy Science and Technology Ltd. is a professional company for researching, designing, machining, promoting and services of heating furnaces, casting materials and burner ports. With the concept of developing with technology and innovation, the company started to cooperate with Shandong University, Shandong Provincial Academy of Sciences and other scientific research institutions from the very beginning. Nowadays, we have completely mastered the most advanced technology of regenerative burning and all the products we are producing under this technology such as the regenerative forging furnaces, the molten aluminum furnaces, the heat treatment furnaces, the rolling furnaces, the refractory casting materials, the burner ports and other products are all approbatory by the market.
    Our Philosophy: Focus and Innovation.

    Main business scope:
    1.Heating furnace process configuration, design, manufacturing, installation, training, service,
    2.Heating furnace accessories supply, combustion control system matching and optimization
    3.Furnace refractory

    Main products:
    1.Burner regenerative gas heater furnace
    2.Three dimensional regenerative gas heater furnace
    3.Trolley type gas heat treatment furnace
    4.Push steel continuous heating furnace
    5.Regenerative gas melting furnace
    6.Regenerative burner
    7.Regenerative combustion control system
    8.Refractory castable
    9.SCR denitration equipment

    China Natural Gas Aluminum Furnace