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    Product Introduction
    The the coal briquettes mesh belt dryer is a chamber drying that continuously evaporate the moisture from the briquette products by using the mesh sieve or porous steel sieve plate as a conveying carrier, and the pellet ball or coal briquette which produced by ball roller press machine distributed by the mesh belt conveyor on the mesh sieve in the chamber of mesh belt dryer. The mesh sieve is driven by the transmission device back and forth in the dryer; the material is moved at a low uniform speed on the mesh belt. The hot air convicts between the layers of the flat material on the mesh in the chamber, and the water vapor is discharged by the exhaust pipe to achieve the purpose of drying. The number of layers generally are1-6 layers. It is especially widely application to coal pellet, carbon briquette, various mineral powder forming pellet, food, vegetables, wood chips etc. The Briquette Dryer can be used with other equipment for example drum rotary dryer in the steel mill or it can be used alone.
    Product Parameter
    Conveying width (mm)600800120016001800200024003500
    Drying length (m)7-137-139-1713-2513-3515-3717-4117-45
    Powder (kw)1.1-1.22.2-32.3-33-44-5.55.5-7.57.5-1111-30
    Materials distribution90-200kg/m虏
    Input moisture12%-18%
    Output moisture1%-5%
    TemperatureCarbon steel鈮?00鈩?Stainless Steel鈮?80鈩?/p>
    Heating sourceHot air(Coal, Oil,Gas,Power)
    Moving Speed0.04-4m/min
    Auxiliary equipmentConveyor, Heating, Furnace, Dust collector, draft fan
    Product Feature or Benefits
    Compared with the vertical dryer, the land occupation is small, the wet ball breakage rate is low.
    More efficient, more productive, and save investment costs.High drying strength, good drying effect,low height, which is good for improving product strength and preventing burning when drying .The mesh belt Dryer has a larger capacity vertical belt dryer, and the production capacity is increased 20-30%.Modular unit design for easy transportation and assembly.

    Production Details

    Structure chart of coal briquettes new type apron mesh belt dryer
    Product Application
    This mesh belt Dryer is widely utilized in drying semi-coke briquettes,coal briquettes,coke briquettes, slag sludge ball,desulphurization gypsum briquette in metallurgy ,construction materials, ceramic, chemical fertilizer yield fruits, vegetables, etc. The steel plant coke or coal plant,charcoal factory, Pulverized coal plant and so on.
    Delivering, Shipping And Serving

    How to choose the best solution of the new type mesh belt dryer plant for our partner?
    First you should let us know the basic information below:
    1.The raw materials which will be dried ?
    Coal briquette, coke briquettes, semi-coke briquette, sludge briquette in steel plant, fruit peel or chips, see weed, mushroom and so on.
    2. The daily yield, tone per day?
    3. How to get the machine?
    Pay for us the advanced deposit30% T/T, we will make the machine and the balance should be paid before cargo leaves our factory.
    4. How to pay for Sinomet heavy machinery co.,ltd?
    We will provide our Bank information to you via Proforma Invoice, you can delivery the deposit in Bank.
    5. What materials are suitable for drying with our new type mesh belt dryer?
    Coal, coke, charcoal, mushroom, fruit peel or fruit chips , sludge briquette of steel plant and so on.Mesh Belt Dryer quotation