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    HL-101C nylon cable tie binding machine


    Machine Introduction
    This machine uses the vibration plate to achieve the automatic feeding of nylon ties, eliminating the cumbersome process of manual discharging.It only needs to put the wrapped material on the cable ties,and press pedal switch control,cable is completed within one second. Widely used in wire harnesses, electronic connecting lines, sensor industry, micro-motor industry, braided mesh tubes, casings, casings and bends, motor coils, (AC/DC cable, headphone cable, mouse cable, keyboard cable, Power cord), home appliances, cables, electronics, toys, gifts, food and other industries.Reducing hand loss and reducing people’s fatigue, this equipment can save more than 30% of the labor force improve work efficiency and solved the difficulties of employment.

    Technical Data
    Perimeter of binding part3-50mm
    Remaining length of cutting1-3mm
    Circular diameterOver 30mm
    Processing speed1.3 s/pcs
    Applicative ribbon size60/80/100/120mm
    Anti-pressure ability of ribbon>20N
    Voltage220VWire Winding Machine suppliers