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NB. you must be a London based educator of 11-24 year olds to be eligible for this Mayor of London funded CPD.

Discover how the iPad and art apps support your lessons.
There is now a vast and varied choice of iPad art apps for both teachers and students. Art apps encourage a creative use of technology, giving students freedom to explore, experiment and discover. Adding value and supporting traditional activities and approaches to learning in your art lessons.

Who is the iPad art course for?

The course is for all art teachers and specialists who want to use iPads in art education

ENHANCE your art lessons with the iPad and selection of relevant art apps.
ENCOURAGE creative exploration and practice using technology to support traditional teaching.
EMPOWER those that lack confidence and can use the iPad and apps to experiment independently.
EXCITE learners and bring together traditional practices and technology to create a modern learning environment.


1- The iPad as a research tool.

2- Approaching deconstruction using iPad.

3- Planning art projects.

4- Recording and filming art projects.

5- Developing a portfolio of art work.

6- Practising techniques and styles using the iPad.

7- Apps for exploring traditional painting techniques.

8- Celebration and publication of work.

The course will be led by Oscar Stringer an Apple Education Trainer, who has been working with Apple technologies in schools for over twenty years. Oscar works part-time, as a facilitator at the Apple iOS Academy in Naples. Running a series of workshops on collaboration, creativity and communication.

Course Information

10th October, 10am-3pm.

London Connected Learning Centre,
Rectory Grove,
London, SW4 0EL

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