What is cybersecurity?

What is cybersecurity?

We may have a general idea of what cybersecurity is about, if we use the internet.
Watch these videos from a range of organisations to find out a little more.
Then, you may like to review a useful resource from IBM (below) aimed at raising awareness amongst students.

This animated tutorial from IBM’s Think Academy explains how an organisation is likely to need a response plan in place to deal with potential security breaches.

There are several TED talks that give some insights and views about the threats from hacking and the field of cybersecurity.

This first is from Keren Elazari.

This one from TED2013 speaker James Lyne raises awareness by exposing technology’s vulnerabilities.

IBM’s Activity Kit ‘Internet of Me’ has downloadable resources and is aimed at raising awareness amongst students (target ages 12-15). The resources are available here:

They consist of the following:

  • Internet of Me – Protecting Your Online Identity (presentation)
  • Internet of Me – Online Hygiene Tips (document)
  • IBM developerWorks TV also has videos that may help you engage students on STEM topics: developer.ibm.com/tv/topics
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Activity Kits for volunteers

IBM’s Activity Kit ‘Introduction to Cybersecurity’ is a one hour session with downloadable resources, targeted at  11 – 14 year olds. You can access it here.