What’s it like to…….be a learning technologist?

Interview: Professor Helen O'Sullivan We spoke to Professor Helen O'Sullivan, Pro Vice-Chancellor for Education at Keele University and incoming chair of the Association for Learning Technology.   Helen chatted to us about her journey with online learning, the importance of building communities and the skills that she encourages her students to develop to ready themselves [...]

Critical Literacy: Young People and Online Texts

In this brief, we lay out some of the ways that educators can support their young people in becoming critical consumers of both digital and non-digital media.

Challenge: The Gender Equality Collective & Online Media Law

Industry Brief: Online Media LawDr Holly Powell-Jones is the founder of Online Media Law UK, and teaches social media law and ethics in secondary schools. She is also the Online Law Leader for GEC Futures Project. In this brief, she challenges educators and students to explore online and social media law in a practical and [...]

Challenge: The Gender Equality Collective & MakerSpace

Industry Brief: MakerSpaceCaroline Keep is an educational consultant and the director of the first school MakerSpace in the UK. In this brief, she challenges educators and students to design their own 3d printed cast or brace. The video below is designed to be shown to students, and is accompanied by resources for both educators and [...]

What is cybersecurity?

We may have a general idea of what cybersecurity is about, if we use the internet. Watch these videos from a range of organisations to find out a little more.

What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

The Internet of Things can give access to the data from millions of devices. Check out these videos from IBM to find out more.

What is Design Thinking?

What is design thinking? Watch this video from IBM to find out what design thinking is.