What’s it like to… found a careers platform?

Interview: Ivan Kayima, CEO of careers platform 'spiela'

What do you do?


I am the CEO of spiela, a social marketplace network connecting young people to opportunities, jobs and key access to industries.


How did you get to where you are today?


Through mentoring, a good support network and a strong work ethic. I believe you must remain humble in defeat and victory – only then can you really grow as a person.

Talk us through a recent work day….

I took a partner school to Facebook where they met the only BAME head of partnerships for the UK division and built really good connections.

What digital skills do you use on a daily basis? 


Social media and product management skills such as digital implementation and search engine marketing.


What digital skills or attributes would you encourage educators to support young people to develop?


  • Social media
  • Digital marketing
  • Black box testing
  • SEO
Key attributes are a willingness to learn and work hard.


What advice would give to a young person looking to enter the digital sector?


Set your goals high so that you work to maintain a standard of excellence.