What’s it like to… be a digital marketing consultant?

Interview: Jonathan Brown, digital marketing consultant at Vodafone Group

What do you do?


I work at Vodafone Group as a Digital marketing consultant. I work across 22 countries across EMEA and APAC. The role entails supporting and enabling marketing technology teams to get the best out of their marketing solutions.


How did you get to where you are today?


There hasn’t been a direct route to where I work today as my career has been very indirect.

I’ve worked in many different verticals within the digital marketing industry. I think my willingness to learn

new skills has given me an advantage. Learning new technology theories early have given me more scope once matured.


What digital skills do you use on a daily basis? 


Microsoft office, Adobe Experience Cloud software. Social Media Platforms. It’s second nature to me as I’ve pretty much grown within the digital space as it’s matured! I must add, I have to continue to upskill myself where I can, It’s very important as digital moves fast.


What digital skills or attributes would you encourage educators to support young people to develop?


Educators need to be educated in the subject matter that they’re teaching, theory is all good and well but if you’re not practicing then I don’t feel it’s the same. Digital Marketing is a pool of verticals, software and outputs with techniques to accompany them. Can companies give the right support to continue to educate the educators at the same pace as the industry itself?


What advice would give to a young person looking to enter the digital sector?


The digital sector has a wealth of opportunities for everyone, I would suggest investigating what they’re interested in and starting from there. Then sharing their findings with career advisors.