Using online collaborative tools – what you need to know about three of the best

Guide to three online collaborative tools


Want to start using online collaborative tools? 


They’re great for sharing resources in one place, making it easy to access resources wherever you are, doing group tasks wherever everybody else is and keeping people up to date and in the loop … but where do you start? 


We’ll talk you through three of the most useful: Padlet, G Suite / Office and Jamboard. Best of all – they are all free or have free versions!


This blog post accompanies our webinar on online collaborative tools, aimed at giving you an overview of a variety of online collaborative tools, a better understanding how these tools can be used to support young people and a better understanding of which tools may work best for your context. Watch a recording of the webinar.



First up, Padlet


What you need to know:


  • It’s an online noticeboard where you add the equivalent of digital post-it notes, which can include links, video and audio. Padlets are a great way to collect and share resources
  • You can have three Padlet walls for free and, as everyone in an organisation who signs up can have three padlet walls, the free version will cover most bases
  • It’s a really versatile tool, from how it looks to the control you have over access, posting, privacy settings and sharing


Want to know more? Check out the webinar recording and  London CLC’s excellent Guide to using Padlet with lots of useful tips and tricks


Secondly, G Suite and Office 365


What you need to know:


  • These are the big guns – great cloud-based platforms that let you work on documents collaboratively wherever you are
  • Free for charities and not-for-profits
  • Groups can edit files at the same time, marking up changes as visible ‘suggestions’ and comments and you can choose who has access to documents and folders


Want to know more? Check out the webinar recording, the G Suite Learning Centre and Getting started with Office 365


Thirdly, Jamboard


What you need to know:


  • Online whiteboard space that can be used on a computer or as a whiteboard in a classroom setting
  • Free Google tool within G Suite
  • It’s simple to use, you can write, erase, add sticky notes and images, and it’s great for creative group tasks and brainstorming sessions


Want to know more? Check out the webinar recording and take a look at Google’s guide.