TechPathways London – it’s a wrap

Wrapping up TechPathways London


After two brilliant years, TechPathways London, which was designed as a time-limited programme, is coming to an end. 


Last week’s final conference was a great send-off, bringing together some of the education and industry experts we’ve worked with across the project for an inspiring programme of talks, workshops and panel discussions. For those that missed it, you can catch up with a recording from the day


But what else has TechPathways London achieved over the last couple of years in its bid to bridge the gap between the digital skills acquired in education and those required by London’s digital and creative industries? Here’s a roundup of the programme’s highlights. 


What we did


TechPathways London sought to help educators to develop their digital skills and to increase knowledge of and access to London’s diverse and growing digital sectors. 


For this work we were highlighted as an EdTech 50 organisation, an accolade that recognised our “massive scope”.


Over the course of the project we worked with 986 London educators from a whopping 637 organisations. We engaged with educators through short courses, in-depth courses, briefs and events, including:


  • 53 unique live/in person events, with an average live event rating 5.58 out of 6
  • 19 online courses and 7 challenge briefs, which are still available for educators all over the country to access online until April 2023


We also built up a network of industry experts who shared their knowledge and advice in courses, briefs and 


  • 23 interviews, in which they shared their paths to success and the digital skills that have got them there


What you said


What impact did we have? This is what you told us:


“This has been exceptional in regards to my own knowledge of career pathways for my students.” Educator attending Guardian – Careers in Digital Media


“The training was delivered excellently and was able to demonstrate how fun, accessible and creative the software is. I think the young people will enjoy experimenting with this very much and can facilitate their learning in a creative way.” Educator attending Audio Editing and Podcasting course


“I will definitely be exploring the teaching of coding and developing my own skills.” Educator attending Y6-7 Computing Transition Project


“[I] will definitely implement everything I learned to run workshops with the girls I work with.” Educator attending Film Making with Mobile Devices


“[I have] better knowledge of careers and how students and teachers can look beyond the traditional routes.” Educator attending Guardian – Careers in Digital Media


And as for the impact of the work on the learners educators work with, you told us it will be:


“Massive. It will enable us to use tools to engage the disinterested population of the class”


“Learners will be able to share their thoughts with each other, document their ideas as well as create and share content. It will boost their digital skills and engagement with their learning.” Educator attending Intro to: using collaborative tools


“Learners will have the opportunity to enhance their programming skills and use mathematical topics within programming” Educator attending Scratch Maths event with UCL


“Before any training or teaching exercise I can now use numerous techniques to assess knowledge and plan exercises tailored to the amount of support needed by the group, as well as using more real scenarios/stories or acting to make concepts stick better.” Educator attending the Industry Pedagogy course


“The involvement of different subject experts coming together to present varied course, with no one individual having all the answers. It was thought provoking, and often asked questions rather than answered them. It promoted creative, thinking minds and didn’t patronise teachers as some CPD courses can.” Educator attending the Digital Art and Design course


“The children will understand why we learn animation and where it can lead to.” Educator attending the 3D Animations course


What next?


While the programme may be wrapping up, the resources on the TechPathways London website will remain live so educators, whether in London or not, will still be able to access industry interviews, challenge briefs and online courses. 


Educators may also be interested in the Connected Learning Centre’s BlendEd, a programme of free professional development and resources for teachers to support blended learning pedagogy. Designed by teachers for teachers, BlendEd helps teachers, school leaders and other educators design effective teaching and learning that makes the most of digital technologies – in the classroom and from home, live and self-paced, in-person and online.


Our project partners at Queen Mary University London have written a research paper on one of the TechPathways courses, the Introduction to programming pedagogy for IT professionals. It has been submitted to a computer science education conference and the QMUL team hopes “that our work will be cascaded onwards by those who read our research and those who attended the professional development so that TechPathways London can continue to improve the teaching and learning of digital skills for young people both in London and across the world.”


Thank you

Finally, we’d like to thank everyone who has engaged with TechPathways London and our mission to bridge that digital skills gap, especially all of our speakers, partners, collaborators and everyone who has attended courses and workshops. 


We’d like to say a special thank you to Jane Waite and Queen Mary University London, our partners in this project, for all your support, and the Mayor of London for funding this important work.