Introducing TechPathways London

Welcome to TechPathways London


Welcome to TechPathways London, a new programme of free professional development for educators.

If you are based in London and work with young people aged 11-24 then this programme is for you.

The aim of TechPathways London is to bridge the gap between the digital skills acquired in education and those required by London’s digital and creative industries. We are working to help educators to develop their digital skills and to increase knowledge of and access to London’s diverse and growing digital sectors.


Is TechPathways London just for computing specialists?

No! Some of our course will be computer science focused, but we are working with cultural organisations and creative industries to look at how technology is transforming those workplaces and how best to prepare young people for them.

Whatever your subject or area of expertise, this programme is for you.


How long are the courses?

This depends on which kinds of course your are taking. Our short courses are anywhere between 45 minute and 2 hours and offer a quick and accessible way to get to grips with a new technology, or to explore the digital skills needed by industry.

Our Depth courses take a more in-depth look at aspects of digital learning, combining face-to-face sessions, online learning and industry mentoring over the course of 2 school terms.


Who is running TechPathways London?

The project is being led by London Connected Learning (LCLC) in partnership with Queen Mary University of London.


How do I get involved?

  • Sign up to MyTechPathways for details of all of our course offerings.
  • Follow us on Twitter @TechPathwaysLdn
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